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Course Description

By: L-1 Coaching Date: 20.5.20

This one year course is ideal for those who wish to start early in their quest to quench the thirst for knowledge and move on towards success in the future competitions at national and international levels. Study the Pre-Foundation for three terms and develop the skills you need to progress to the Foundation programme. .

Course Course Duration Student In Class
8th Pre-Foundation 1 Year 40
9th Pre-Foundation 1 Year 40
10th Pre-Foundation 1 Year 40

8th,9th,10th Pre-Foundation Courses:

  • 1. We will help your children to solve all the problems of N.C.E.R.T,so that your child will easily beat the 90%.

  • 2. We will go through all the deep concept of each subject, so that they increase their anylitical skill.This is why they are different from other day scholars.

  • 3. Clear all the doubts regarding any question and also clarify all the possibility of doubt or confusion.

  • 4. Topic wise test will be held on each sunday,whose result will send to your inbox immediately.

  • 5. We are the only one,Who are providing the study material from 8 to 10, On the basis orientation of IIT/PMT.

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By: L-1 Coaching

Date: 20.5.20

This batch will decided in mid session after the analysis of performances in L-1 AITS.Ambitionof this batch is to secure under 100 rank in JEE-2020 & PMT-2020.